In 1969, Ronnie and Alyce Paquette Started a Small Car lot located at 1970 E Hwy 50 Winter Garden, Florida. They Decided to name it Car Store. In 1971 after several years of success they chose to incorporate the lot and founder The Car Store of West Orange, Inc. a little known fact was that they never intended to be in the towing and recovery business, Dad just wanted to get away from the old home made hand crank tow rig he was using to reposes the cars nobody paid for. In 1972 sitting and John Lamb Chevrolet Dad asked Mom what color he should order the new truck he was sending to Ernest Holmes in Tennessee to have a new Holmes 500 installed on. The very first Car Store Yellow Truck was ordered. After My Brothers Todd & Roland came back from the Trip to pick up the wrecker they told stories of The Incline Railroad, Lookout Mountain, Rock City and Ruby Falls. After being asked to recovery a vehicle one night, Dad asked "How do you get on this Rotation List"? The officer informed him "Just get a number we can reach you at in the evenings and sign up at the station" Our home Phone number was painted on the side of the truck days later. Its been almost 50 years since that idea of The Car Store was born, we as a family hope that it can continue for another 50 years.

Garrett Paquette